Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Halmart - Halal Outlet

Ada sesiapa pernah dengar about Halmart ? Halmart ni outlet barang2 halal yang terletak kat Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara..

Mungkin ramai yang tak tau, so boleh la aku bagi tau ..hahahha... Kalau berkesempatan datang ke Kota Damansara, boleh la singgah sini.. kedai ni dekat dengan Restoran Vicchuda..

Barang2 dia bukan saja yang biasa kita jumpa kat kedai lain, yang bestnya ada Assorted Loose Choc.. perisa mangga, durian, coklat durian, tiramisu, tomato dll.. aku baru je beli tadi.. sedap ! Kira ok lah sebab aku ni bukannya penggemar chocolate,, tapi yang ini aku leh makan...sekarang ada promosi 1kg = RM59.98..tadi aku beli sket je.. lebih sket dari 100 gram.. RM6.10.

Ada lagi yang menarik, dim sum segera yang dah tentu Halal. InsyaAllah, kita tak perlu risau tentang status halal di Halmart ni...

Satu lagi, kat Halmart ni barulah aku tau, Tabung Haji jugak dah keluarkan produk makanan... memang best..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

By Kristyn Kusek Lewis

They’re just like you. But with lots of money.

When you think “millionaire,” what image comes to mind? For many of us, it’s a flashy Wall Street banker type who flies a private jet, collects cars and lives the kind of decadent lifestyle that would make Donald Trump proud.

But many modern millionaires live in middle-class neighborhoods, work full-time and shop in discount stores like the rest of us. What motivates them isn’t material possessions but the choices that money can bring: “For the rich, it’s not about getting more stuff. It’s about having the freedom to make almost any decision you want,” says T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Wealth means you can send your child to any school or quit a job you don’t like.

According to the Spectrem Wealth Study, an annual survey of America’s wealthy, there are more people living the good life than ever before—the number of millionaires nearly doubled in the last decade. And the rich are getting richer. To make it onto the Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans, a mere billionaire no longer makes the cut. This year you needed a net worth of at least $1.3 billion.

If more people are getting richer than ever, why shouldn’t you be one of them? Here, five people who have at least a million dollars in liquid assets share the secrets that helped them get there.

1. Set your sights on where you’re going
Twenty years ago, Jeff Harris hardly seemed on the road to wealth. He was a college dropout who struggled to support his wife, DeAnn, and three kids, working as a grocery store clerk and at a junkyard where he melted scrap metal alongside convicts. “At times we were so broke that we washed our clothes in the bathtub because we couldn’t afford the Laundromat.” Now he’s a 49-year-old investment advisor and multimillionaire in York, South Carolina.

There was one big reason Jeff pulled ahead of the pack: He always knew he’d be rich. The reality is that 80 percent of Americans worth at least $5 million grew up in middle-class or lesser households, just like Jeff.

Wanting to be wealthy is a crucial first step. Says Eker, “The biggest obstacle to wealth is fear. People are afraid to think big, but if you think small, you’ll only achieve small things.”

It all started for Jeff when he met a stockbroker at a Christmas party. “Talking to him, it felt like discovering fire,” he says. “I started reading books about investing during my breaks at the grocery store, and I began putting $25 a month in a mutual fund.” Next he taught a class at a local community college on investing. His students became his first clients, which led to his investment practice. “There were lots of struggles,” says Jeff, “but what got me through it was believing with all my heart that I would succeed.”

2. Educate yourself
When Steve Maxwell graduated from college, he had an engineering degree and a high-tech job—but he couldn’t balance his checkbook. “I took one finance class in college but dropped it to go on a ski trip,” says the 45-year-old father of three, who lives in Windsor, Colorado. “I actually had to go to my bank and ask them to teach me how to read my statement.”

One of the biggest obstacles to making money is not understanding it: Thousands of us avoid investing because we just don’t get it. But to make money, you must be financially literate. “It bothered me that I didn’t understand this stuff,” says Steve, “so I read books and magazines about money management and investing, and I asked every financial whiz I knew to explain things to me.”

He and his wife started applying the lessons: They made a point to live below their means. They never bought on impulse, always negotiated better deals (on their cars, cable bills, furniture) and stayed in their home long after they could afford a more expensive one. They also put 20 percent of their annual salary into investments.

Within ten years, they were millionaires, and people were coming to Steve for advice. “Someone would say, ‘I need to refinance my house—what should I do?’ A lot of times, I wouldn’t know the answer, but I’d go find it and learn something in the process,” he says.

In 2003, Steve quit his job to become part owner of a company that holds personal finance seminars for employees of corporations like Wal-Mart. He also started going to real estate investment seminars, and it’s paid off: He now owns $30 million worth of investment properties, including apartment complexes, a shopping mall and a quarry.

“I was an engineer who never thought this life was possible, but all it truly takes is a little self-education,” says Steve. “You can do anything once you understand the basics.”

3. Passion pays off
In 1995, Jill Blashack Strahan and her husband were barely making ends meet. Like so many of us, Jill was eager to discover her purpose, so she splurged on a session with a life coach. “When I told her my goal was to make $30,000 a year, she said I was setting the bar too low. I needed to focus on my passion, not on the paycheck.”

Jill, who lives with her son in Alexandria, Minnesota, owned a gift basket company and earned just $15,000 a year. She noticed when she let potential buyers taste the food items, the baskets sold like crazy. Jill thought, Why not sell the food directly to customers in a fun setting?

With $6,000 in savings, a bank loan and a friend’s investment, Jill started packaging gourmet foods in a backyard shed and selling them at taste-testing parties. It wasn’t easy. “I remember sitting outside one day, thinking we were three months behind on our house payment, I had two employees I couldn’t pay, and I ought to get a real job. But then I thought, No, this is your dream. Recommit and get to work.”

She stuck with it, even after her husband died three years later. “I live by the law of abundance, meaning that even when there are challenges in life, I look for the win-win,” she says.

The positive attitude worked: Jill’s backyard company, Tastefully Simple, is now a direct-sales business, with $120 million in sales last year. And Jill was named one of the top 25 female business owners in North America by Fast Company magazine.

According to research by Thomas J. Stanley, author of The Millionaire Mind, over 80 percent of millionaires say they never would have been successful if their vocation wasn’t something they cared about.

4. Grow your money
Most of us know the never-ending cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. “The fastest way to get out of that pattern is to make extra money for the specific purpose of reinvesting in yourself,” says Loral Langemeier, author of The Millionaire Maker. In other words, earmark some money for the sole purpose of investing it in a place where it will grow dramatically—like a business or real estate.

There are endless ways to make extra money for investing—you just have to be willing to do the work. “Everyone has a marketable skill,” says Langemeier. “When I started out, I had a tutoring business, seeing clients in the morning before work and on my lunch break.”

A little moonlighting cash really can grow into a million. Twenty-five years ago, Rick Sikorski dreamed of owning a personal training business. “I rented a tiny studio where I charged $15 an hour,” he says. When money started trickling in, he squirreled it away instead of spending it, putting it all back into the business. Rick’s 400-square-foot studio is now Fitness Together, a franchise based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, with more than 360 locations worldwide. And he’s worth over $40 million.

When extra money rolls in, it’s easy to think, Now I can buy that new TV. But if you want to get rich, you need to pay yourself first, by putting money where it will work hard for you—whether that’s in your retirement fund, a side business or investments like real estate.

5. No guts, no glory
Last summer, Dave Lindahl footed the bill for 18 relatives at a fancy mansion in the Adirondacks. One night, his dad looked out at the scenery and joked, “I can’t believe we used to call you the black sheep!”

At 29, Dave was broke, living in a small apartment near Boston and wondering what to do after ten years in a local rock band. “I looked around and thought, If I don’t do something, I’ll be stuck here forever.”

He started a landscape company, buying his equipment on credit. When business literally froze over that winter, a banker friend asked if he’d like to renovate a foreclosed home. “I’m a terrible carpenter, but I needed the money, so I went to some free seminars at Home Depot and figured it out as I went,” he says.

After a few more renovations, it occurred to him: Why not buy the homes and sell them for profit? He took a risk and bought his first property. Using the proceeds, he bought another, and another. Twelve years later, he owns apartment buildings, worth $143 million, in eight states.

The Biggest Secret? Stop spending.
Every millionaire we spoke to has one thing in common: Not a single one spends needlessly. Real estate investor Dave Lindahl drives a Ford Explorer and says his middle-class neighbors would be shocked to learn how much he’s worth. Fitness mogul Rick Sikorski can’t fathom why anyone would buy bottled water. Steve Maxwell, the finance teacher, looked at a $1.5 million home but decided to buy one for half the price because “a house with double the cost wouldn’t give me double the enjoyment.”

Sunday, May 23, 2010

..Tergamak biarkan ibu bapa di rumah orang tua ..part II

Lanjutan dari artikel posting aku sebelum ni, yang aku ambil dari Berita Mingguan..aku teringat apa yang adik ipar aku - Haris, ceritakan.. Haris bertugas di sebuah rumah kebajikan di Kelantan, sebelum ni di Melaka.

Betapa, seorang warga tua wanita, dihantar anak utk tinggal di rumah orang tua. Anak datang sebulan kali saja, bukan nak melawat, tapi nk bawak maknya mengambil duit pencen di bank. Habis urusan, mak dihantar balik ke rumah orang tua.. begitu saja..

...Tergamak biarkan ibu bapa di rumah orang tua...

IBU bapa bercerai sejak anak masih kecil dan sikap bapa yang tidak mahu bertanggungjawab selepas perceraian menjadi punca anak tidak mahu menjaga bapa dan lebih rela membiarkan mereka di rumah perlindungan warga tua.

Pengarah Bahagian Warga Tua dan Keluarga, Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, Mohd Fazari Mohd Salleh, berkata sebahagian warga emas diabaikan kerana anak sudah biasa sejak kecil hidup tanpa bapa.
“Kerap kali apabila berlaku perceraian, anak akan duduk dengan ibu dan sikap bapa yang mengabaikan tanggungjawab terhadap anak menyebabkan hubungan antara anak dan bapa renggang. Ada sesetengah waris menolak untuk menjaga bapa mereka atas alasan itu walaupun mampu dari segi kewangan untuk berbuat demikian,” katanya.
Kata Fazari, ada juga waris yang ingin menjaga bapa atau ibu mereka, tetapi tidak berupaya dari segi kewangan. Bukan saja perlu menampung bayaran pengangkutan dan rawatan susulan di hospital, tetapi juga sara diri pesakit terutama mereka yang memerlukan makanan khas dan lampin pakai buang menyebabkan waris terpaksa menempatkan ibu atau bapa di Rumah Seri Kenangan.

“Begitu juga jika pesakit menghidap penyakit kronik, bermasalah mental dan tidak upaya menjaga diri sendiri,” katanya.

Dalam hal begini kata Fazari, pesakit biasanya tidak mahu menyusahkan anak dan memilih dengan sukarela untuk tinggal di Rumah Seri Kenangan.

“Dengan taraf kehidupan yang semakin meningkat, ramai suami isteri kini bekerja, manakala anak memiliki jadual persekolahan atau kelas tambahan.
Justeru, mereka sukar untuk menjaga ibu atau bapa, apatah lagi jika ibu bapa itu uzur dan memerlukan perhatian penuh,” katanya.

Kajian Jabatan Kerja Sosial Perubatan Hospital KUala Lumpur juga mendapati ada kes pesakit terdampar kerana halangan daripada menantu.

Dalam keadaan ini biasanya, menantu lelaki tidak membenarkan isteri menjaga ibu atau bapa mentua kerana menganggap mentua ‘pengacau’ dalam rumah tangga mereka.

Bagaimanapun, bukan semua kes pesakit terdampar terbeban dengan kesilapan silam ibu atau bapa. Ada juga kes, ibu bapa mendidik anak dengan elok dan terdidik hingga ke menara gading. Bagaimanapun, mereka enggan menjaga ibu bapa kerana tidak menganggap ibu dan ayah penting dalam hidup.

Selain itu, ada kes, warga emas memilih untuk keluar dari rumah berikutan berlaku perceraian pada usia emas. Tidak mahu menyusahkan anak, mereka memilih untuk menjadi penghuni Rumah Seri Kenangan.
Admax Supports Eco-Living . Click here for 10 easy things you can do today to go green!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

nak balik bentong..

Petang ni aku akan balik ke Bentong.. aku nak temankan ayah aku ... anak aku Iqmal memang skolah kat sana.. dok dengan nenek & atoknya...

Mak aku, adik2 aku Miza dan Ida.. gie takkan aku nak biarkan ayah aku uruskan anak aku... memang la bibik ada.. tapi biarlah aku gunakan kesempatan yang ada.... nak borak lama2 dengan ayah.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kuih Gandus....akhirnya...

Lepas baca blog Eyan ....timbul keinginan nk rasa. Lagipun rumah aku tak lah jauh dari Pasar Keramat. Dekat tak bermakna senang nk dapat..hehe

Akhirnya tadi, aku keluar sorang2 terus singgah kat Pasar Keramat. Masa ni aku tak teringat lagi pasal kuih ni.. ingat nk tengok barang2 kat situ, kot nk beli sayur ke, apa ke... Suddenly, aku ternampak gerai kuih gandus tu..apa lagi, aku pun terus gie situ. Masa tu orang tk ramai lagi... cuaca jangan cakap lah.. panas terik !

Lepas je aku order RM3...tetiba tah mana datang orang, jadi ramai pulak dok keliling gerai tu.. femes betul la...

Balik rumah.. terus rasa satu.. kuih ni padat dengan isi kelapa, santan.. ditengahnya ada inti nenas. Rasa lemak, manis, dah tentu ada la rasa nenas tu !!!..hehe..

Pameran ITEX 2010

Pameran International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition 2010 (ITEX).

Ikhlas aku katakan, ini lah kali pertama aku mendengar tentang Pameran ni. Aku dapat tau pun sebab rakan on9 dari USM bertugas di booth Aerospace USM.
Tujuan asal hanyalah nak berjumpa Faukhrool, tapi terus mengambil kesempatan melawat booth yang ada..

Ada rekaan dan inovasi menarik yang sempat aku tengok,Vibration Absorber dari USM, Telescopic Bridge System dari Univ. Pertahanan Nasional M'sia, Penghidup Penyaman Udara tanpa wayar dgn fungsi e-IAQ dari ILP, Kepala Batas, A Short Range Solid-Propellant Based Rocket for Civillian Usage, dari USM dan Virtual Hajj dari Multimedia Univ. Banyak lagi booth yang tk sempat aku lawat...

Sila baca news dia bawah....

Malaysia Perlu Fokus Pada Inovasi Menyeluruh, Kata Maximus

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 Mei (Bernama) -- Bagi meningkatkan lagi ekonomi negara ini ke tahap yang lebih tinggi, Malaysia perlu fokus pada inovasi yang menyeluruh, kata Menteri Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili.
"Inovasi tiada had. Ia tiada penghujung dan membuka lebih banyak peluang bagi negara ini," katanya semasa berucap merasmikan Pameran Rekaan, Inovasi dan Teknologi (ITEX 2010) ke-21 yang bermula di sini hari ini sehingga 16 Mei.
Beliau berkata negara bergantung kepada rakyatnya yang merupakan komuniti yang berinovatif, bagi menyumbang kepada pencapaian hasrat untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebagai sebuah ekonomi berpendapatan tinggi.
Katanya penekanan kepada penyelidikan dan pembangunan, pembangunan teknologi dan inovasi oleh kerajaan telah menyebabkan kerajaan memperuntukkan RM2.889 bilion bagi pelaksanaan 4,300 projek di bawah Rancangan Malaysia Ke-sembilan (RMK9).
Katanya, kementeriannya di bawah beberapa dana, telah menerima sejumlah 10,376 permohonan, untuk membangunkan idea dan rekaan.
Mengenai ITEX 2010, anjuran MINDS (Persatuan Rekaan dan Rekabentuk Malaysia), di Pusat Konvensyen Kuala Lumpur (KLCC), beliau berkata acara itu menyaksikan peningkatan 30 peratus penyertaan penyertaan kepada 50 pertubuhan yang terdiri daripada institusi pengajian tinggi, institut penyelidikan, sektor korporat dan individu serta pemeran 673 rekaan di dalam 24 kategori.

ITEX juga menyaksikan penyertaan dari Rusia, Iran, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong Thailand dan Vietnam.
Pameran itu menghubungkan para pelabur dan pereka yang bertujuan mengkomersilkan rekaan berkenaan, dengan membawanya ke pasaran.
Ini akan menambah baik pembangunan, penggunaan rekaan, reka bentuk dan memaksimumkan pendedahan produk dan teknologi yang memenangi anugerah.
ITEX 2010 bertemakan "Kreativiti: Laluan ke Ekonomi Inovatif."
Pada majlis yang sama, Maximus juga menyaksikan penandatanganan dua memorandum persefahaman (MOU) di mana yang pertamanya antara MINDS dan Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) untuk mempromosikan inovasi di kalangan rakyat Malaysia,
MOU kedua ialah antara Persatuan Rekaan Kaukus Asia (ACIA) dan Southern Taiwan University dengan kerjasama dengan Persatuan Promosi Produk Rekaan Taiwan (TIPPA).


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

terbang helang

Di angkasa nan luas
Terbang sang helang bebas
Menebarkan sayapnya
Sungguh megah lagaknya
Helang mendabik dada
Membelahi angkasa
Dengan gaya perwira

Bila saja engkau menghampiri
Burung lain terbang lari
Kau merasakan dirimu gagah
Hak yang lain tak kau endah
Mengganas kau di angkasa
Dengan gaya perwira

Terbanglah engkau tinggi
Sampai ke mana lagi
Ingin engkau jelajahi
Sehingga kau terlupa
Yang tinggi jatuh jua
Bila tiba ketika
Kau ke tanah akhirnya

Usah kau lupa diri
Bahawa langit itu tinggi
Nanti lemas sendiri
Nanti lemas sendiri

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I know how to drive...

Aku belajar bawak kereta dah lama dah..masa aku mula2 kerja kat Maybank Bentong. Umur aku tk silap 21 tahun masa tu...Kelas start lepas aku abis kerja.. instructor datang jemput aku kat bank. Oleh sebab aku pakai high heels masa tu, aku disuruh tanggal kasut.. kaki ayam bawak kereta....Aku tak suka sejarah ni, sebab ini lah puncanya aku drive tak pakai kasut sampai sekarang ! Dah la bawak kereta manual, kalau jalan jam teruk, sakit juga lah kaki aku tekan clutch.Aku dah cuba pakai kasut, tapi rasa macam tak penuh perasaan drive. Susah la gini..
Walaupun aku ni dulu, langsung tak pernah cuba2 bwk kereta ayah, tapi aku lulus sekali test je. Tak macam adik aku, Ida. Konon terer, sebelum amik kelas, selalulah drive kete ayah..akhirnya 2 kali test..heh
Awal2 lepas aku dapat lesen, macam2 hal berlaku. Dulu ayah ada Econovan, kereta mini lama, Honda dua pintu, pastu Wira. Pernah masa aku bawak econovan, enjin mati kat traffic light. Adik2 yang ada sumer menyorok sebab malu.
Pastu, kereta HOnda tu ..pernah hit n run..hehe..Aku langgar kereta bos Mayban Finance sebelah.. En Badrul kot namanya..Ada jugak kereta lain aku gesel n belah...tapi ada je orang yang kenal ayah aku..nampak insiden tu..terus ngadu kat ayah..teruk juga kena marah.
Kenangan paling teruk..accident kat Jalan Kuching.. guna keta laki aku.. Iswara aeroback.. Sandwich u...i ditengah2..Itu lah yang buat aku fobia bawak kereta.. bertahun juga nak kembalikan semangat ni !..
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