Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Everlasting love

We've got an everlasting love
So pure divine
We've got an everlasting love
Our love will last for all time

Could draw a picture just by heart
Know every line on your face
You stopped me doing from the start
Ask the things I used to chase
Every minute of the day
Just with you I wanna stay
There will be no end...


That's a part of one my favourite songs.. being played yesterday night at the Candle Light dinner generously hosted by Puan Hajah Ramlah Abu Bakar & Tn Haji Ahmad Razali Mustafa... Thanks a lot ! Sememangnya dinner tersebut membuatkan kami pasangan suami isteri mengimbas kembali waktu percintaan dulu.. semoga doa Puan Hajah n Tuan Haji seperti yang tercatat didalam kad jemputan "semoga sentiasa bahagia, seia sekata dan serasi bersama" dimakbulkan Allah swt. hendaknya...

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